Sport & Activities

Val di Ledro is one of the favorite destinations for lovers of active holidays and outdoor sports. We can advise you or help you organize independent or guided trips, we work with professionals who can make you fully enjoy our beautiful area.


Walks immersed in nature to rediscover life in the open air: Val di Ledro is a real paradise for lovers of relaxation and a healthy lifestyle. Every day you can simply move, be outdoors, breathe the pure air and walk in the midst of nature aimlessly. You can walk for hours in our valley of Concei, through meadows, fairy woods or you can climb the mountain through the woods to discover hidden waterfalls.


In Valle di Ledro you can make wonderful excursions through various landscapes and natural environments to admire panoramas and unique and always different vegetation. Every week you can take part in several guided tours (see the nature week program) to discover the nature of Valle di Ledro. Or if you love being alone in the quiet of the mountain we can give you valuable tips for scenic hikes.

Mountain bike

Over 200 km of marked trails on forest roads, paths and old mule tracks suitable both for those who are still on the first rides, and for those who love to feel the adrenaline explode in the body. Among the most popular routes stand out the climb to Tremalzo and the one to the mouth of Trat – Rifugio Pernici, also part of the main tour of the Mountain & Garda Bike, or that of the splendid Ponale, the old road overlooking Lake Garda that led to Valle di Ledro.


Lovers of adventure and strong emotions can not give up the thrill of canyoning. In Val di Ledro the torrent Palvico and the Rio Nero are ideal for those who want to explore the most hidden nature and venture between waterfalls and gorges carved into the rock by water. Accompanied by expert guides, equipped with all the necessary equipment for an excursion in total safety, you will experience unique emotions.


For those who want to take flight and immerse themselves in a new space that never fails to amaze with its charm, there are various take-off points on the mountains surrounding Val di Ledro, which differ in terms of landscape and technical difficulties. Experience the thrill of a two-seater flight to fulfill the dream of exploring the sky like birds do and contemplating nature from a new perspective.


Lake Ledro, with its clean and not too windy waters, is great for canoeing and exploring its hidden coves, taking a swim, and admiring the beauty of the surrounding mountains from the center of the lake.

Another option is to cross the lake. Tarolli rental allows you to rent pedal boats, canoes, or boats at one of its two rental points, one in Molina and the other in Pieve, and then return them on the opposite shore of the lake. You can then easily walk along the cycle-pedestrian path that runs along the lake.


Fishing enthusiasts find the perfect environment at Lake Ledro, rich in fish species. Among the fish found in Lake Ledro are trout, perch, roach, whitefish, tench, pike, and some eels. To be able to fish, you need to have a daily or weekly permit, which can be purchased at the Tourist Office in Pieve di Ledro or at the shops and bars in the area.