The philosophy of the Natural Retreat

The concept of natural retreat is the perfect fusion between the harmonious nature that surrounds the DA ° EL ° DA hotel, a building with low environmental impact and interior design based on the belief that the environments in which we live affect the quality of life. This is why from Eco Ambient Hotel Elda we created DA ° EL ° DA natural retreat, a very simple but profound concept that offers the experience of hospitality, inserted in a precise idea of ​​combining nature, respect for the times, authentic experiences and unique emotions.

Our home is an unexpected and original place where you can feel good, switch off from everyday life and immerse yourself in nature. DA ° EL ° DA is a structure inserted in the mountain territory in a harmonious way, far from the traditional circuits, immersed in the Val Concei «UNESCO Biosphere Reserve» due to the high biodiversity values ​​present in this area.
We wish to make you live a unique experience in contact with the nature that surrounds us, relaxing your senses. Our holiday proposal aims at enhancing the natural setting of Valle di Ledro and its peculiarities, making you discover and live memorable experiences.