Local food

We use locally sourced ingredients.

We use ingredients from our territory. Believing in the philosophy of the short supply chain, we bring to the table dishes made with products that we know who has cultivated (when we have not cultivated them ourselves), and how they have been grown, preferring small organic productions.

This is why in our dishes you will find:

  • the plums of Dro DOP
  • the yellow flour of Molino Pellegrini
  • Tap potatoes grown by Carla
  • Spears of Locca
  • fresh vegetables from the Liliana vegetable garden
  • extra virgin olive oil produced by Luciano “Ciano”
  • Laura’s cheese

And next to the products grown by these extraordinary people we give much space to the spontaneous products that the territory offers us, then dandelion and nettle, mushrooms, wild asparagus, molesì (a type of wild spinach), hops and elderberry, bear’s chicory.

DA ° EL ° DA we offer you a natural cuisine made of attention to natural flavors because to feel good it is important to eat well and because basically “we are what we eat” (Ludwig Feuerbach).