History of Da ELDA Natural Retreat

The small inn was opened in 1949 by grandmother Elda who decided to offer hospitality and refreshment in her house, driven by her passion for cooking and the love she had for knowing new people who began to frequent the Ledro Valley. Over the years, the first renovations were tackled to meet the increasing needs of the guests. The bar was renovated, the restaurant was enlarged, the rooms too were renovated and the structure was equipped with a new and modern kitchen. Slowly the small inn gives way to a real hotel.

The passion that nourished grandmother Elda flows today in the veins of Andrea, Silvia and Federico who together with their parents Wilma and Enrico have realized the dream of grandma Elda, transforming the small inn into a 4-star hotel built in respect of nature – low environmental impact and eco-friendly – which still today welcomes guests like family.